This “Welcome Race Fans!” sign at Paducah International Raceway will soon actually welcome fans, as new owners prepare for a 2022 reopening.

If you’re a fan of racing and follow the Paducah International Raceway Facebook page, you might have seen an exciting post after years of silence on the page.

The page had been quiet since it’s last post in 2018, but was brought back to life on Sunday Morning.

“Well looks like the cats out of the bag! Paducah International Raceway will in fact be opening back up in 2022, under new owners. Classes, rules, and the 2022 schedule will be released in January. We are so excited and working hard on renovations,” the post stated. “Thank you and see you race fans soon!”

The last time anything took place at the raceway according to the Facebook posts, was the 2018 Smash for Cash, which took place on Oct. 20 of that year. The last recorded results on paducahracing.com were from April 27 of that year. Kassidi Gibbs won the NeSmith Street event, Matt Cooper won the UMP Modified event, Evan Taylor won the Crate Late Model event, Tony Cruse won the Southern Street event and Jimmy Waters won the 4 Cylinder event.