Marshals best Trigg for second win of season - photo

Logan Reese threw off a tackle as he took a 71-yard pass from Quinn Smith into the end zone with only seconds left in the first quarter. Reese followed that impressive run with an interception on Marshall’s one-yard line for a 99-yard touchdown. He ended the night with four receptions for over 150 yards.

CADIZ — Friday night, Marshall County showed up and showed out at Trigg County. Coach Steve Etheridge had asked the team to stick with him during the process, a process that would take as long as needed to produce a fundamentally strong high school football team.

The players who took the field against the Wildcats looked like a team that trusted their coach. They took a hit in the mouth on a safety in their own end zone and recovered to take a 35-25 win for their second such of the season.

The Marshals seemed to take their pre-game jitters onto the field allowing a quick two points. Trigg County’s first possession ended with the Wildcats on their own 37 and a 55-yard punt to the Marshall County 8-yard line. The Marshals lost two yards putting them second and 12 on the 6. Trigg County busted through the line for a safety and the first points of the game.

With less than 2:00 left in the first quarter, Trigg County was back on the board for a nine-point lead. Marshall County began a final attempt to put numbers on the board before the first buzzer. They moved the ball to the 28 on a five-yard run by Garrett Parker. Another push by Parker gained the Marshals a yard. With third and four on the 29, Quinn Smith passed to Logan Reese who crossed into the end zone with 0:06 left in the quarter.

Another 10 minutes of football would pass before Smith dove over the goal line for another touchdown on a quarterback keeper. Again, the Marshals were under a minute left in the quarter. Trigg County had moved the ball from the Marshall 48 to the Marshall 22. Jacob Wease sighted in a dead-on pass for what looked to be another Trigg County touchdown. Reese read the pass and slipped in for an interception on the 1-yard line and took the ball 99 yards for the third Marshall County touchdown in the first half.

The Marshals were set to receive for the second half. With more than a minute and a half off the clock and a 38-yard quarterback keeper for Smith earned the Marshals their fourth touchdown.

Less than two minutes into the final quarter, Marshall County was lined up on the Trigg County 29. A flag called on the Marshals moved the ball back to the 40 with first and 21. Parker claimed 14 yards for the Marshals, moving the ball to the 26. Smith passed through the middle to Talon Smothers who was covered up. Smothers tipped the ball to Reese who took the ball across the line for another Marshall County touchdown.

While the Marshall offense was busy putting numbers on the board, the Marshall defense was busy keeping them off the board. Defense shifted the Wildcats’ game plan as they set out to shut down 6-foot, 155-pound Jaquellus Martin and 6-2, 210 Kendric Adams. Preseason, both were named top players in 3A First District by The Cat’s Pause.

Against the Marshals, Adams had 72 rushing yards and Martin had six carries for minus-4 yards forcing a passing game. Martin went on to catch for 140 yards and two touchdowns, but Wease earned two interceptions, one by Reese and one by Kameron Bowerman.

This weekend, the Marshals will head to Owensboro to face district opponent Apollo.


MARSHALL 7 14 7 7 35

TRIGG 9 0 2 14 25


TC: Safety 8:37, 0-2, 1st

TC: Jacob Wease 21-yard pass to Jhaden Vaughn (kick good) 1:52, 0-9, 1st

MC: Quinn Smith 71-yard pass to Logan Reese (kick good) 0:06, 7-9, 1st

MC: Quinn Smith 4-yard run (kick good) 2:23, 14-9, 2nd

MC: Logan Reese 99-yard interception (kick good) 0:31, 21-9, 2nd

MC: Quinn Smith 38-yard run (kick good) 10:25, 28-9, 3rd

TC: Safety 0:51, 28-11, 3rd

TC: Jacob Wease 14-yard pass to Jaquellus Martin (kick good) 11:48, 28-18, 4th

MC: Quinn Smith 27-yard pass tipped by Talon Smothers to Logan Reese (kick good) 10:15, 35-18, 4th

TC: Jacob Wease 71-yard pass to Jaquellus Marin (kick good) 9:54, 35-25, 4th


MC: Smith 6-10-166-2

TC: Wease 10-43-256-3-2


MC: Reese 4-152-2, Smothers 1-14

TC: Jaquellus Martin 8-140-2, Kion Thompson 7-70, Jhaden Vaughn 3-38-1


MC: Parker 10-38, Smith 12-24-2, Bowerman 2-11

TC: Kendric Adams 18-72, Keeton Harris 1-2, Jaquellus Martin 6-(-)4