Marshals suffer losses to Madisonville North Hopkins High and Prodigy Prep


Zion Harmon was high scorer for the Marshals in their battle against Madisonville/North Hopkins. Harmon earned 37 points against players such as Maroon K'suan Casey.

DRAFFENVILLE -- Reed Conder Gymnasium was filled to capacity twice this weekend to see Marshall County take the court, first against Madisonville North Hopkins on Friday and then again Saturday to see the Marshals square up against Prodigy Prep.

The Marshals struggled to take the lead against the Maroons from Madisonville North Hopkins, but by the end of the first quarter, the Marshals had a small two-point lead.

The Maroons snagged the lead at the top of the second quarter on a three point shot. Back to back baskets by Zion Harmon put the Marshals back on top. Harmon with help from Tyler Powell and Kaden Driver had the Marshals ahead by eight at the half.

Momentum began to shift in the third quarter with Madisonville North Hopkins taking the lead by 10. A three-point shot by Tyler Stokes in the last minute closed the gap to seven before the buzzer.

Madisonville North Hopkins steadily pulled away from Marshall County with three Marshals in foul trouble. With 3:21 left in the game, Stokes earned his fifth foul followed by Dawson Smothers one minute later.

Three points from Harmon closed the Maroon lead to eight with 0:19 left on the clock but Madisonville North Hopkins controlled the remainder of the game to take the 57-67 win. Kenny White from Madisonville North Hopkins was named MVP of the game with 22 points, 11 rebounds, and four assists.



Mad. N. Hop. 14 23 47 67

Marshall Co. 16 31 40 57

Marshals -- Harmon 37, Stokes 7, Powell 5, Miller 2, Flatt 2, Driver 2, Smothers 2

FG: 21/56, 3PT: 6/26 (Harmon 4, Powell, Stokes), FT: 9/11, REB: 28

Maroons -- White 22, Casey 16, Johnson 13, Stone 7, Parker 6, Tow 3

FG: 23/48, 3PT: 5/17 (White 2, Stone, Tow, Parker), FT: 16/33, REB: 39

Game two for the Marshals was a hard-fought battle to catch the lead against Prodigy Prep from Florida. A steady stream of three's from Prodigy left the Marshals in an eight-point deficit at the end of the first quarter that the Marshals could never make up.

The Marshals and Prodigy matched points in the second quarter and lost one in the third quarter with a slew of three-point shots by Harmon, Tyler Powell, Jay Nimmo, and Kaden Driver. Another one point loss in the fourth gave Prodigy the 84-76 win.

Emmanuel Maldonado of Prodigy set a new record at Hoopfest with 10 made three point goals. The previous record was held by Gabriel Charley of Arlington Country Day from Florida in 2006. Charley had nine three-point goals. Maldonado was named MVP of the matchup with Marshall County. As a junior, he has an offer from Bethune-Cookman and interests from FGCU, GA Tech, Iowa State, Kansas State, Murray, and North Florida.



Prodigy Prep 18 37 57 84

Marshall Co. 10 29 50 76

Prodigy Prep -- Maldonado 34, Newman 13, Harrison 13, Rivera 9, Hinds 6, Smith 4, Diez 3, Cruz 2

FG: 28/66, 3PT: 19/39 (Maldonado 10, Newman 3, Rivera 3, Harrison, Hinds, Diez), FT: 9/11, REB: 37

Marshall County -- Harmon 33, Stokes 16, Powell 11, Nimmo 6, Driver 6, Flatt 4

FG: 28/57, 3PT: 11/26 (Harmon 4, Powell 3, Nimmo 2, Driver 2), FT: 9/14, REB: 33