DRAFFENVILLE -- Marshall County winds up their last week of regular season basketball action sitting at the top of district four for both the girls and boys teams. The boys secured the seat with a 61-56 win over Murray. The Lady Marshals cinched their position last Friday night in a 59-43 victory at Calloway County.

The Marshals took a 56-50 win over Christian County Saturday night, and the Lady Marshals take their run at the Lady Colonels tonight at home, and the Marshals will head to region one sixth-ranked Mayfield.

The Marshals will take the court once more before the district tournament begins. This Saturday, Marshall will get a run at Las Vegas Trinity International at home.

Marshall County will sit out the first round of the district four tournament at MCHS Reed Conder Gymnasium. Murray will take on Calloway Tuesday evening, February 25, for the chance to faceoff with the Marshals for the championship title.

The Lakers did the job of putting Marshall on a defensive game last Friday, forcing scoring players into foul trouble while shifting the Marshals into a defense lineup. As a result, Zion Harmon scored a record 50 points in the one point loss to Calloway.

Just days before, Marshall had led the first three quarters against Murray but allowed a third quarter rally that spilled into the fourth quarter, going from a 13 point lead to trailing by three. In the end, Marshall took the win by five.

The Lady Marshals will also face the winner of the Murray/Calloway matchup for the district four championship title.

It took wins over Murray and Calloway last week for the Lady Marshals to make it to the first seed, and both teams will be battling for a chance to redeem themselves. Halle Langhi led the win over the Lady Tigers, and Cayson Conner took charge at Calloway, leading in scoring and at the same time making room for four three-point shots for Jada Driver.

Both the championship team and the runner up advance to the region one tournament held at CFSB Center in Murray.