Lady Marshals

The Lady Marshals are on their third consecutive trip to the state tournament. The ladies face their first state opponent, Greenwood, Tuesday evening in Bowling Green.

DRAFFENVILLE -- The Lady Marshals were sore and bruised, but that did not dampen their mood Friday evening as they left the field as the region one champion for the third year in a row.

As the top seed in the region, Marshall County drew Paducah Tilghman for their battle to the championship game. The Lady Marshals cinched the win over the Lady Tornados last Tuesday evening at Colburn Stadium in a solid 6-0 victory.

The game plan of Paducah Tilghman appeared to be simply shut down Carmen Gunn, but the Lady Marshals worked in team fashion to conquer the Lady Tornados, making a path for Gunn for three of the Marshall goals.

Midway through the half, Gunn played a pass by Hope Howard and put Marshall County on the board with her personal 90th career goal. She was back again putting the Lady Marshals ahead 2-0. With 2:00 left to play in the half, Mia Teague got her opportunity at a goal taking an assist from Gunn, making the score three to a shutout in the first half.

A hat trick by Gunn earned the Lady Marshals their fourth goal at 23:00 of the second half and just five minutes later, Kallen Fuller drove the ball down the middle for the fifth. Whitley Watwood sailed a free kick over the keeper for the sixth. Another shutout for Carlen Whirley, her 16th.

The championship game was rescheduled from Thursday to Friday due to weather conditions. The Lady Marshals took the field against McCracken County.

The Lady Mustangs set out to shut down the Marshall offense, but the Lady Marshals seemed to adapt and overcome. With 10 minutes in the first half, Janie Pagel took a corner kick, and Loralei Samson was quick with a header to the goal. The ball bounced off a Lady Mustang and was in the goal for a Marshall County 1-0 lead.

Whirley was strong in the net as the Lady Mustangs took multiple direct free kicks on goal. She, along with her team, kept a solid wall of defense for another shutout victory and a 20th regional championship win on a single McCracken own goal.

THIS WEEK: The ladies are off to Bowling Green for the first round of the state tournament. The Lady Marshals will face Greenwood this evening, Tuesday, October 22. The two teams faced each other earlier in the season for a 2-2 draw. Whirley was put to work in the goal with 10 saves for the game. Gunn was credited with both goals with an assist going to Hope Howard and one to Whitely Watwood. The Lady Marshal offense put up another five shots on goal for the game. The Lady Gators' leading scorer Anna Haddock was out against Marshall County with Annabel Justice and Anne Perkins picking up the points for Greenwood. Both teams should be healthy and ready to face off in the first battle to the state championship game.