PADUCAH -- Marshall County played for a packed arena Friday night in Paducah. The McCracken Mustangs hosted the Marshall County Marshals for a doubleheader rematch, this time at their home court.

Marshall County had hosted McCracken County earlier in the season. The Lady Marshals seized the win the first time and took it again last Friday night. The Marshals fell late in the last quarter in December, and they fell the second time again after a bitter battle in the final quarter.

The Lady Marshals took eight wins, six losses, and a new coach to Strawberry Hills Pharmacy Arena. The well-prepared ladies took the court with what they knew and allowed Coach Aaron Beth to direct them and owned all four quarters of the 68-50 defeat of the Lady Mustangs.

The first quarter was a slow-scoring start to the game. The Lady Marshals had six points on the board before McCracken made it on the board at 5:14. It was another two minutes before Halle Langhi landed two for the Lady Marshals. With two seconds left before the first buzzer Cayson Conner added two, giving Marshall County a 10-point lead at the end of the first quarter.

McCracken County took a run of threes in the second quarter, pulling within two of the Lady Marshals with three minutes left in the half. Halle Langhi and Presley Jezik added four in the last two minutes to lead by six and the halftime buzzer.

Conner proved her ability to lead the Lady Marshals in the third quarter. She earned 13 of her 28 points in the third quarter alone, forcing turnovers and turning them into points on repeat possessions.

The Lady Mustangs struck out in the final quarter under the leadership of Destiny Thomas. Thomas landed the first basket of the final quarter and proceeded to earn 12 points in the Lady Mustang's attempt to catch the Lady Marshals.

McCracken County took their last shots from the free throw line with 1:39 left in the game. The Lady Mustangs still trailed by 14 points and ultimately fell to the Lady Marshals 50-68.


MCCRACKEN CO. 6 14 17 13 50

MARSHALL CO. 16 10 23 19 68

McCracken County: Thomas 16, Rudy 12, Sivills 9, Johnson 7, Morehead 4, Russell 2

Marshall County: Conner 28, Pea 11, Langhi 9, Jezik 8, Teague 7, Driver 3, Hall 2 FG: 25/53, 3PT: 3/11 (Conner, Teague, Pea), FT: 15/18, REB: 29

THIS WEEK: The Lady Marshals will be playing Paducah Tilghman tonight, Tuesday, Jan. 14, in a double-header at MCHS. Friday night, Jan. 17, they will take the court for another doubleheader, this time with region rival Graves County. Saturday, the Lady Marshals will face Simon Kenton in the CFSB Grind Session being held at Marshall County High School.

NEXT WEEK: Next Friday, Jan. 24, Marshall County will host Calloway County for the 2020 MCHS Basketball Homecoming. Saturday, Jan. 25, the Lady Marshals will play Northwest, Clarksville, Tenn., at home.