PADUCAH -- Girls teams from across the Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois area gathered in Paducah for basketball action over the Christmas Break. The Lady Eagles of Christian Fellowship competed in the Lady Warrior Christmas Shootout and battled older players, stronger teams, and illness to bring home one win and two losses.

The Lady Eagles played an impressive game their first round, taking on a fierce opponent in Pope County.

The Lady Pirates still held the lead with 4:17 left in the final quarter. Seven points by Gracie Howard and a basket each by Lillian Burnett and Renee Shields, along with the Lady Eagle defense, shifted the momentum of the game that resulted in a CFS win.

Pope County 54, Christian Fellowship 57

POPE COUNTY 4 29 41 54

CHRIST. FELL. 16 26 35 57

Pope County: Weaver 17, Clay 15, K Fritch 8, Collier 4, E Ibuta 6, KR Fritch 4

Christian Fellowship: G Howard 27, Burnett 8, Jayden Jackson 6, Little 6, Shields 5, Warren 2, Jaycie Jackson 2, R Howard 1 FG: 22/51, 3PT: 1/1 (G Howard), FT: 12/22, REB: 33

The Lady Eagles, however, were no match for the aggressiveness of their next two opponents.

CFS kept pace with the Lady Lions of Lyon County for the first quarter. Lyon County began to pull away in the last minute before the first buzzer, never allowing the Lady Eagles to pull closer than six points. The final buzzer sounded with a 39-69 defeat of the Lady Eagles.

CHRIST. FELL. 12 22 28 39

LYON COUNTY 18 36 56 69

Christian Fellowship: G Howard 13, Burnett 8, Jayden Jackson 7, Warren 6, Shields 4, Little 1 FG: 14/37, FT: 11/19, REB: 37 Lyon County: Brown 18, Collins 11, Smith 10, Matthews 7, Wynn 7, Butler 5, Taylor 5, Holland 3, Watts 3 FG: 30/70, 3PT: 3/10 (Collins, Matthews, Butler), FT: 3/10, REB: 36

The Lady Eagles faced the Lady Comets of Carlisle County for their third game of the tournament. Again, the strength of the older players and the depth of their bench defeated the CFS Lady Eagles.

The Lady Eagles made an impressive start. Gracie Howard was on the board for six of the team's 10 points in the first quarter. Carlisle County began to pull away in the top of the second quarter leading 38-16 at halftime. Lillian Burnett was a steady shooter for the Lady Eagles earning 15 points of the teams 31.

CFS fell to the Lady Comets, 31-67.

CHRISTIAN FELL. 10 16 23 31

CARLISLE CO. 19 38 51 67

Christian Fellowship: Burnett 15, G Howard 9, Jayden Jackson 5, Collie 2 FG: 12/51, FT: 7/16, REB: 45

Carlisle County: Hall 16, Whitaker 14, Wright 14, Tyler 8, McGee 7, Gibson 4, Jones 3, Owens 1 FG: 25/60, 3PT: 2/8 (Wright 2), FT: 15/20, REB: 36