Eagles take seventh win of the season over Hickman Co., 77-60

RACHEL YATES | Tribune Courier

Freshman Andrew Dunning

DRAFFENVILLE -- The Falcons of Hickman County struck first at the home of the CFS Eagles last Tuesday, but their effort was cut down with three quick baskets by Mickey Bivin, Ari Phillips, and Andrew Allen. Hickman County drew a foul, making good on one of the shots, but Phillips was back with his second basket for the 8-3 lead midway through the first quarter.

Allen opened the threes up to take a six-point lead over Hickman County. Bivin took the second three to pull ahead by 11. Isaac Hovekamp added two from the line, and the Eagles were ahead by 13 before the first buzzer. The Eagles played a consistent offensive and defensive game, never allowing the Falcons any closer than 10 points. CFS allowed Hickman County 24 points in the final quarter, still taking the win 77-60.


HICKMAN COUNTY 7 16 13 24 60


Hickman County: Midyett 18, Harper 17, Prince 10, Johnson 8, Dodson 3, McClanahan 2, Hicks 2 FG: 22/57, FT: 16/26, REB: 29

Christian Fellowship: Phillips 21, Allen 18, Dunning 15, Bivin 11, Hovekamp 6, Grigg 2, A Cary 2, Futrell 2 FG: 29/61, 3PT: (Allen 2, Bivin 2, Dunning, Phillips), FT: 13/19, REB: 35

THIS WEEK: The Eagles will travel to Huntingdon, Tenn., to face Carroll Academy Friday night and will return home to host Pleasant View on Saturday.

NEXT WEEK: Next Tuesday, Jan. 21, is a home doubleheader for Christian Fellowship against Ballard Memorial and another double-header on Thursday with Livingston Central, again at home. Saturday, Jan. 25, the Eagles will host Fulton City for an afternoon Homecoming Game.