CFS' Howard, Burnett earn double-doubles against Fulton

RACHEL YATES | Tribune Courier

Eighth grade guard Gracie Howard earned 24 points and 10 rebounds last Monday night against the Lady Bulldogs from Fulton City.

DRAFFENVILLE -- The Lady Eagles of Christian Fellowship are a young team that is full of talent. The ladies hosted Fulton City last Monday, but although they fell to the Lady Bulldogs, the team pressed back with eight-grader Gracie Howard and ninth-grader Lillian Burnett earning double doubles.

The Lady Eagles took a quick lead with Jayden Jackson at the free throw line followed up a steal and basket by Gracie Howard. Fulton City fought back and ran the lead up by 10. Howard and Burnett dug in to pull back within three at the first buzzer.

CFS stayed just barely behind throughout the second quarter with the Lady Eagles taking the lead with less than 10 seconds on the first half clock on a two-point basket by Jayden Jackson.

Fulton City played an extremely aggressive second half, but the Lady Eagles managed to hang with the Lady Bulldogs led by their own freshman-sophomore-junior combo.

The Lady Bulldogs ended the third quarter eight points over the Lady Eagles and took that to a 14-point lead in the final quarter. The final 1:30 of the game was decided at the free throw line. The Lady Eagles closed the gap to nine before the Lady Bulldogs were back at the line and two missed shots by the Lady Eagles, ending in a 57-66 loss for Christian Fellowship.


CHRIST. FELLOWSHIP 18 14 10 15 57

FULTON CITY 21 10 19 16 66

Christian Fellowship: G Howard 24, Burnett 16, Jayden Jackson 7, Shields 6, Little 4 FG: 17/59, FT: 23/33, REB: 45

Fulton City: Martin 20, Everett 18, McCloyn 12, Taylor 6, Maclin 5, McManus 5 FG: 26/45, 3PT: 5/9 (Everett 2, McCloyn 2, Maclin), FT: 9/22, REB: 32

THIS WEEK: The Lady Eagles will be heading to Huntingdon, Tenn., next Friday along with the Eagles to take on Carroll Academy. They will return home for another doubleheader on Saturday with Pleasant View.

NEXT WEEK: Tuesday, Jan. 21, they host Ballard Memorial and will host Livingston Central on Thursday, Jan. 23.