Lady Eagles

Coach Trevor Jackson coached both his daughters and their friends to a record setting season for the Lady Eagles. Seniors Edie Little and Jaycie Jackson would have gone on to play softball with Jackson to finish out their senior year.

The social distancing imposed by the KHSAA had no impact on the spirit of the Lady Eagle basketball team. Their season ended on a 52-59 loss at Fulton City the last week of regular season play.

The Lady Eagles’ loss to the Lady Bulldogs made the 13th loss for the 2019-2020 girls basketball season. The ladies earned 15 wins, setting a new record for the Lady Eagles.

At the end of the first 10 games, the Lady Eagles held only four wins. They had kicked off the season on the road. Dawson Springs nearly doubled the score of the Lady Eagles in their first game, perhaps setting a false tone for the season, but Gracie Howard was already proving her worth on the court.

Three days later, the Lady Eagles earned their first win at Fulton County. Howard continued to lead the team, but Lillian Burnett was beginning to show her new found confidence and strength on the court for the upcoming season.

The Lady Eagles added another loss and a win in the next week of play, a devastating loss at Ballard Memorial followed by a just as impressive win at the home season opener over Agape Christian from Illinois. The scales finally tipped in the winning favor for CFS with Burnett leading the charge over Fort Campbell to close out the second week of basketball action.

The Lady Eagles took a three-point loss at Pleasant View, Tenn., their closest game of the season. Again, it was Burnett driving the score while Howard drove the ball.

CFS branched out and played bigger, stronger teams in the Lady Warrior Christmas Tournament, taking a three-point win over Pope County in the first round but falling to Lyon County and Carlisle County the next two rounds. They ended 2019 four wins and five losses.

The Lady Eagles kicked off the new year with another three-point loss against Community Christian, but they took the court at home the first weekend of January to host a nearly 30-point win over St. Mary. With that big win came double-digit numbers for Gracie Howard, Renee Shields, and senior Edie Little.

A loss at home to Fulton City opened the door to repeating opponents and the opportunity to rework some previous mistakes and show their growth. The Lady Eagles took a second wins over St. Mary and Fulton County.

Their win over Fulton County came in the first round of Region One All-A Classic, taking a 30-point win over the Lady Pilots. Gracie Howard put up 22 points for the Lady Eagles, Jayden Jackson followed with 11, and Lillian Burnet had 11 rebounds of the team’s 47.

The Lady Eagles fell in the second round to the Murray Lady Tigers, the Lady Eagles’ only district action for the season. This was a low-scoring matchup focused on shutting down Gracie Howard, which they did most affectively.

Howard showed talent way beyond her young eighth-grade years and took the court days later against a new foe, Carroll Academy and led the Lady Eagle victory with 32 points, a new record for the CFS. The team took the court the very next day for a 20-point victory over Pleasant View to whom they had fallen earlier in the season, a redeemed loss.

The Lady Eagles took losses in the next three matchups. The Lady Eagles proved their growth on their home court with Ballard Memoria. CFS had taken a 33-point loss the second week of the season, but the Lady Eagles fought every moment of the game battling for the lead at the final buzzer when the Lady Bombers landed a good two to take the final lead and the final win. CFS fell by seven in their first meeting with Livingston Central, and took their third disappointing loss at home in their first matchup with Livingston Central.

The Lady Eagles sat 9 wins and 11 losses heading into the last month of regular season basketball. They added their second win over Carroll Academy, rose to a rematch with Community Christian for a win, and a week after their first meeting, they sealed a win over Livingston Central.

A loss to Clarksville Christian broke their winning streak but fueled their desire to end 2019-2020 Lady Eagles season winning. The Lady Eagle took the next three opponents for impressive win, Fort Campbell 51-22, Beth Haven 61-39, and Agape Christian 49-18.

The Lady Eagles saw a loss at Fulton City to close out their season 52-59 with Lillian Burnett earning a double-double.

The team will graduate two seniors this year, Jaycie Jackson and Edie Little, leaving a strong team to still face the coming season. Gracie Howard will take the court as a freshman with 795 points in varsity action. The top five scoring Lady Eagles are all returning, Gracie Howard, Lillian Burnett, Renee Shields, Jayden Jackson, and Alyssa Warren. Several rising players got the opportunity to take the court at the end of the season for a sneak peek into varsity action for the upcoming season.