Burnett photo

Lillian Burnett fires off a shot from the wing at Ballard Memorial. Burnett recorded 36 points for a single game scoring record for CFS, plus tallied 15 boards.

With a record of 6-9, Christian Fellowship’s Lady Eagles are continuing to grow as team in each game. Freshman Gracie Howard leads her team with 314 total points this season, recording 20.9 per game. Lillian Burnett follows behind with 225 points, recording 16.1 per contest.

Ballard Memorial 83, Christian Fellowship 77 (OT)It was the lone game of the week, but Burnett made the most of it despite the overtime loss to the Lady Bombers. At LaCenter’s Green Palace, Burnett led her team with 36 points, setting the single game scoring record, along with 15 rebounds. Burnett, Howard, and Jayden Jackson all finished the night with a double-double. Howard followed behind Burnett with 16 points, three points coming from a 3-pointer.

In addition, Jackson and Alyssa Warren shared a combined 17 points.

Christian Fellowship -19 -14-15- 18 11 — 77

Ballard Memorial -15 -19- 11- 21 -17 — 83

CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP: Burnett 36, G. Howard 16, Jackson 10, Warren 7, R. Howard 6, Collie 2. Field goals: 25/61. 3-pointers: 2/10 (G. Howard, Jackson). Free throws: 21/39. Record: 6-9.

BALLARD MEMORIAL: Calvin 56, Yates 13, O’Connor 5, O’Neill 4, Monroe 2. Field goals: 29. 3-pointers: 4 (Calvin 3, Yates). Free throws: 10/20. Record: 4-7.

WHAT’S NEXT: The Lady Eagles were on the road traveling to Dawson Springs on Monday night and Fulton City on Tuesday. On Friday night, Christian Fellowship will host Fulton County in a double header.