As fans barely got a peak into spring sports before the COVID19 shutdown, KHSAA still released this year’s Triple Threat Awards. The Triple Threat Award was launched by KHSAA to “recognize those students who participate in high school athletics year round.”

To receive the award, athletes “must be on the varsity roster of a sport or sport-activity for a team in each of the three sports seasons.” Marshall County boasted 13 KHSAA Triple Threat Award winners for the 2019-2020 school year.

10 Lady Marshals received this award: Sofia Bayer, Clara Boddy, McKenzie Elkins, Gabbi Lovett, Layne Pea, Emma Smith, Katie Stokes, Leah Vincek, Carlen Whirley, and Mary Grace Thompson.

Bryce Flatt, Tate Scillian, and Talon Smothers were named Triple Threat Marshals.