I am writing to let you know that if the proposed budget is approved, we will be closing the doors of the Marshall County Senior Citizens Center. The center has been a wonderful asset to our community. We have provided thousands of meals to the homebound clients of Marshall County and enjoyed lots of precious memories with our friends who come to our center daily. We are like a family. Unfortunately, it does take a certain amount of money to run such a wonderful establishment. If the proposed county budget is approved and our funds are lessened, we will have no choice but to lock our doors. This is a very sad day for us. We love being able to serve the much-deserving senior citizens of Marshall County but if our funds are cut, we will no longer have that privilege.


Marshall County Senior Citizens Board of Directors Ken Lewis, Co-chair; Robert Fowler, Co-chair; Mildred Gay; Beulah Davis; Bobbye Fowler; Glenda Phillips; Anna Jean Zirkle