I am deeply disturbed, disappointed, and saddened by the fact that Senator Mitch McConnell refuses to stand up against the un-American hate speech of this President.

This is a matter of core American principles. We have overwhelming racism in our past - even genocidal racism - but we have been making progress toward becoming the "more perfect union" that our founding fathers yearned for. What the President said about four duly elected members of Congress was racist, hateful, and made America look pathetic and backwards in the eyes of the world. When I heard the "send her back" chants at his recent rally, I was embarrassed to be from the United States. This is not the country I believe in.

I plead with McConnell to do the right thing for once and let the public know that he does not support this kind of racism and that America is striving to break away from this kind of thought.

I have volunteered for the Democratic and Ditch Mitch campaigns, and I hope that, after Jan 2021, McConnell never darkens the doors of the hallowed Capitol building ever again. But this isn't about him and his crooked motives, it's about the soul of America. He must do the right thing for her sake. He can't redeem himself in my eyes, but he can do the service to his country and Constitution that he has sworn to do.

Sarah Pfister

Benton, KY