Dear Editor,

Through their infinite wisdom, our judge-executive and the Fiscal Court have decided to go on a crusade using taxpayers' money in making Marshall County a Second Aamendment sanctuary county. If they succeed in doing this through a resolution or an ordinance, it will have no judicial powers. It will be only symbolic. It will become a Republican symbol to the rest of the country that Marshall County is now owned by the NRA.

It troubles me that our Fiscal Court has decided to promote this great and beautiful county in such a matter. Why not promote our county as a sanctuary county for the homeless, a Christian sanctuary county or a county that is full of hopes and dreams? Why not promote it in a more positive way? However, this is what we get when the NRA gives out campaign contributions to our elected leaders; they become puppets for the NRA.

When I was young, my teachers, my parents and my elders taught me that the words of the Constitution were as powerful as the words in the Bible; that if you believe and understand their true meaning you would become a valuable asset to mankind and your community. I believe in both the Constitution and the Bible. I don't need our Fiscal Court to waste its time and energy on such an issue as the Second Amendment sanctuary county when our Constitution already guarantees us the right to bear arms and to keep those arms as long as we remain a law-abiding citizen.

I pity our judge-executive and Fiscal Court for they have lost faith in the power of our Constitution and the true meaning of its words.

Terry Neeble

Calvert City