Dear Editor,

Sadly, I say, my advice is the Needline sue the Fiscal Court like the power companies to protect their constitutional rights. Drop off $7 to Needline Chairman Moore and surely that money collected from 300-400 people could cover the filing fee to represent the Needline in federal court. I recommend the same for JPEC members, the 5,000 in Marshall County--drop off $7 to the JPEC office. Surely it's worth it to protect your constitutional rights. But if Judge Neal's ordinance stands, we lose anyway.

Option two: contact your commissioner and tell them to recall the judge's E-911 fee ordinance and act responsibly for once for the people.

It is highly unlikely because two-thirds of the county commissioners no longer work for the people but for the judge, but let's try. Tell them to adopt the policy by raising property taxes by $25, which is fair to everyone in Marshall County, to be collected by the PVA for 911, which must be funded. This is about what you were paying to fund 911--approximately $2-2.50 per month so this is fair for everyone. Last week Calloway County passed a similar tax for new equipment and funding from a responsible Fiscal Court.

Option three: wait for the federal court to settle this case off the power companies' and individual law suits which I feel confident will be in our favor because they cannot infringe upon our constitutional rights.

Option four: if all else fails, tell Judge Neal you will not pay a $7 fee for a $1.9 million budget when we have 14,000 people living below poverty level. He says $1.9 million budget is to pay for higher wages and more equipment--hog wash.

I ask Judge Neal for his resignation because he is no longer working for the people.

Michale Mors

Calvert City