One of the more contentious issues in the "lakes area" is the proliferation of "short term vacation rentals," advertised via VRBO, AIR B&B or other methods.

Many area RESIDENTIAL subdivisions now have 'mini-hotels' in their midst.

Many homes, especially waterfront parcels, are purchased with this business in mind, thus inflating some property values.

Even though the owners may be fine people, they cannot anticipate or be responsible for the conducts of their tenants. MOST of the tenants are nice people; SOME are loud, obnoxious, non-caring buffoons who have no concern for the other nearby residents or owners.

Most subdivisions are playing 'catch-up', trying to regulate these businesses via adjustments to their covenants. That opens another can of worms concerning "grandfathering," "nuisances" and etc.

Trigg, Lyon and other area counties do not regulate these businesses.

I am a 'property rights' advocate, but I believe that these short term rentals should be licensed and regulated, inspected and submit 'hotel occupancy taxes' to the county treasurers office.

Most people have the NIMBY opinion: "not in my back yard".

Richard Gurka

Cadiz, Ky.