Dear Editor,

If a group of lawmakers have their way, Kentucky will remain on Daylight Saving Time year-round. A bill to that effect, House Bill 181, was pre-filed in Frankfort ahead of the 2020 General Assembly Regular Session. One of the bill's sponsors, State Rep. Robert Goforth of the 89th District, called the switching of time in the spring and fall an "antiquated practice that needs to end." If the practice of switching of time is 'antiquated' and a bothersome 'ritual,' then why not stop switching? The Central time zone enjoys a good balance of daylight and darkness as is. But notice that these legislators want to first make a switch to Eastern Standard Time. They present a myriad of studies that show their extra daylight is beneficial to all, in ways you can't imagine. Studies mean only what the author of the study wants it to mean. They cite 'health factors' associated with time change. There are also safety factors that the authors of HB 181 should consider. Folks, it does not take a study to know that the issue of having children boarding a school bus in total darkness in the morning overrides any desire for an extra hour of daylight for recreation purposes. Want to be democratic about it? Put it on a ballot and allow all Kentuckians to decide. Will the lawmakers seek the will of the people, or of their own?

Bob Henson