Dear Editor:

St. Peter's of the Lakes Episcopal Church in Gilbertsville is in need of information about its east-facing stained glass window; no documentation can be found about the window, its designer, its manufacturer or its installation.

Research done for the building's 50th anniversary uncovered its establishment as a mission church for Grace Episcopal Church in Paducah, choice of location, design by Peck, Flannery and Associates Architects and construction by Green Builders of Paducah. Research also indicated the name was originally The Chapel of the Lakes.

By checking the vestry minutes at Grace Church we have been able to locate data on all parts of the church except on the huge stained glass window that dominates the A-frame building on the east side. The only mention of the window is the possibility of it being given as a gift, that Peck Associates and other businesses worked on the window design, and its expected delivery date. The architect's office has no record of the window, and the construction company is closed.

The window design is not a typical representation of a Bible story or a depiction of a saint. It is decidedly modern with varied colored small pieces of glass - red, taupe, green, blue, clear - arranged in a pattern that is not immediately discernable, although some people think it looks like a cross with pieces rearranged.

We are hoping someone in Marshall County can help solve this mystery; the church would like to know the history of this prominent window. If you have any information to share, please call (270) 924-5829.

Nancy McKinney