Dear Editor:

During a recent meeting of the Marshall County Fiscal Court, an ordinance was introduced by Judge/Executive Kevin Neal which would declare Marshall County as a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. I stand firmly in support of this ordinance to protect our gun rights because any fight to protect our freedoms is a fight worth waging. With new gun control measures being pushed in Frankfort by activist lawmakers, it is imperative that we as county leaders stand up for the Constitutional rights of our citizens by saying loud and clear that we will not abide by any unconstitutional gun control laws. The Founding Fathers of this great nation gave us a constitutional republic which guarantees our right to self-government, and it is up to us to defend the liberty that has been bestowed upon us as a free people. Government tyranny must always be challenged because our rights are granted to us by Almighty God, not the government. I am proud to live in a God-fearing community that still upholds and respects the Constitution of the United States, and as your county commissioner, I will always stand up for our Second Amendment rights and our right to self-government.

Justin Lamb

Marshall County Commissioner,

District One