The Kentucky Democratic Veterans Council endorses the full slate of Democratic candidates in the November election.

KDVC is a new political organization, comprised of veterans of the Armed Forces who challenge the GOP's choke hold on patriotism, and their frequent claim that Democrats hate America.

We believe that our government should be driven by selfless service, inclusion, accountability, and dignity - values that we exercised while serving this country.

Our members still want to serve, and we want to elect leaders we can respect. That's why we endorse:

• Andy Beshear for Governor

• Jacqueline Coleman for Lt. Governor

• Heather French Henry for Secretary of State

• Greg Stumbo for Attorney General

• Sherri Donahue for State Auditor

• Michael Bowman for State Treasurer, and

• Robert Conway for Agriculture Commissioner

We invite all Democrats, Independents and Republicans to join us at the polling place on November 5.

If you'd like to learn more about our organization, we invite you to visit "Kentucky Democratic Veterans Council" on Facebook.

George Wright

Chairman and Founder

Kentucky Democratic Veterans Council