The Kentucky Lake Chamber of Commerce, with the help of Benton Gas Systems, recognizes women in the community who represent their business or organization well. So many leaders leaders have unique backgrounds and stories, and the chamber would like to share those stories.

Jessica Adams

Q: What is a general description of your role with Lake Chem?

A: “As the Marketing Director, I do a little bit of everything, which is part of what makes my job so fun. Day to day, I’m never doing the same thing. I do all of our marketing, public relations, advertising, and graphic design. I also manage and maintain all of our digital member interface, which means our website, mobile banking app, and some of the other online aspects of banking. I chose this career path because it’s a lot like being a cruise director, I get to be in charge of all the fun stuff from social media, to event planning, to being an engaged part of the community on behalf of the Credit Union. Every day is so fun!”

Q: How long have you been with Lake Chem?

A: “I have been at Lake Chem for three years this spring! In my time here I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in so much within the Marshall County community and in the Credit Union world. I’ve been through the Marshall County Leadership Program, and I currently serve on the Leadership Team for the Kentucky Lake Young Professionals and, as you know, I am currently the Chairman Elect for the Kentucky Lake Chamber of Commerce! Last year our Credit Union won several awards from the Kentucky Credit Union League including the Louise Herring Philosophy in Action Award and I received the Richard B. Zimmerman Outstanding Young Credit Union Leader Award. I love being a part of this industry and the changes we get to make within the lives of our members and community!”

Q: What is your favorite aspect of your job? (What gets you out of bed in the morning?)

A: “The environment of working in a Credit Union is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The way they operate in the best interest of their members for a financial institution is inspiring, but the cherry on top is definitely the women here. I get to do the work that I love with the funniest, enthusiastic, most caring group of individuals, and I’m so thankful for that. People like that have such an impact on the culture of a workplace, and I get to work with 24 of those people every day!”

Q: What is one piece of advice you live by as a business leader?

A: “KISS- Keep it Simple Stupid. I was first told that in a graphic design class in college, but it holds true to pretty much all aspects of life. You don’t gain anything by making something more complicated than it needs to be. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the small details of things, trying to do too much, or focusing on things that in the long run aren’t important. If it’s important, then do it, if it’s not, then don’t! Keep it simple, stupid!”

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