The Kentucky Lake Chamber of Commerce, with the help of West Kentucky Xerographics, recognizes women in the community who represent their business or organization well. So many leaders leaders have unique backgrounds and stories, and the chamber would like to share those stories.

Lindsey Walker, Executive Director

Marshall County Exceptional Center

Q: What is a general description of your job at Marshall County Exceptional Center?

A: “My job entails ensuring that our agency provides the best services possible for our clients that tailor around each person’s goals, desires, abilities, and dreams. The ultimate mission of MCEC is to enable each client served to maximize their independence while integrating them into the greater community. Another huge factor to my job is community relations and fundraising efforts.”

Q: How long have you been with MCEC?

A: “My mother, Diana Wall, was a previous Executive Director and began working at MCEC when I was very young. I grew up visiting MCEC and interacting with the clients, I truly know them as my family. Once I was old enough to begin to work in the Summers, I began my work journey with MCEC. When I graduated high school in 2005 I continued to work at MCEC while pursuing my college degree. In 2009 I began working Full-Time for MCEC as the Human Resource Director. Later in 2013 I also gained the title of Case Management Administrator, as we began offering that service as well. A few years later, in 2017 I became the Executive Director. So, to answer the question, I have worked at MCEC for 15 years, however I have been with MCEC for far more than that!”

Q: What is your favorite aspect of your job?

A: “Each day is entirely different than any other that I have experienced at MCEC. As Executive Director I get to interact daily with clients, lead with the best professionals in the field, and face challenges with optimism and creativity. With a small agency and limited staff I get the privilege of using my time at work to teach our clients, make props for upcoming events, write grants for funding opportunities, further my education in the field, and so much more! While a good portion of my time involves organizational planning and business, I also get the opportunity to dig in and join our clients in teaching opportunities. MCEC’s clients are among the best people that I have had the pleasure to be around, and it is an honor to serve as their agency’s Director. Each day at MCEC is a gift to me, and I honestly look forward to work each day!”

Q: What is one piece of advice you live by as a business/organization leader?

A: “Agencies function so much better with a leader as opposed to a boss. While we all strive to achieve the highest level of success as possible, we must remember that our biggest assets in business are our employees. Employees can make or break an organization, as they are the true heart of any organization. If you can lead your employees at the forefront of challenges and tasks as opposed to directing, your overall work environment will become more like a family, which is the best possible outcome!”

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