From an early age, local musician Josh Williams knew he was inclined to play music, bluegrass music to be specific. Currently on somewhat of a break, Williams has spent over two decades touring nationally and internationally as a solo artist and a band member for several bands including Rhonda Vincent and the Rage.

His love for bluegrass began longer than 20 years ago, though. “When I was five, my granny lived next door to us, so I would always go over there during the daytime, or she would come over and stay with me at the house either one, when mom and dad were at work,” said Williams. “So one day I had told her to get her ukulele out. She had these cute little songs that she used to sing all the time, and one day for whatever reason, I ran back to the house and I grabbed this little bitty ukulele that we had. I ran back over to Granny’s and said ‘is this in tune?’ And she tuned it for me and right there I just decided I was going to learn to play with her, and I did.”