Sgt. Joseph “Mikey” Sharp embraces his son, Bryson, after surprising him at South Marshall Elementary School.

Students at South Marshall Elementary School regularly recite the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning, but they have never witnessed the incredible surprise that unfolded before their eyes on Friday.

Sgt. Joseph “Mikey” Sharp surprised his son Bryson after a 10 month deployment away from home. Sharp contacted the school about surprising his son and that’s when teachers and staff went to work.

Principal Jennifer Harris was one of several helping to organize the big reveal after students gathered in the gym to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

“Can’t wait. It’s been the highlight of our week. Not a normal day at all but that’s okay. Lots of tears and a lot of excitement,” Harris said.

“We’re super excited. Bryson has missed his dad from day one. He’s had tears in the classroom from missing him,” one teacher added.

Moments before the reunion Sgt. Sharp started to feel the excitement.

“Nervous. Haven’t got to see my son in 10 months,” Sharp said.

Moments later Sharp surprised Bryson with a big hug in front of students, teachers and staff. A family now back together again, and a son excited knowing his dad is back home.