Sheriff's deputy OK after crashing car into pond


A Marshall County Sheriff's Office deputy recently returned to work after recovering from a serious accident while responding to a call. Marshall County Sheriff Eddie McGuire said the deputy was treated for minor injuries and monitored for hypothermia at Marshall County Hospital after losing control of his vehicle and landing in a pond off Old Olive Road.

A deputy with the Marshall County Sheriff's Office is recovered and back on patrol following an accident during which his car landed in a pond while en route to a call for help.

Marshall County Sheriff Eddie McGuire said Deputy Blake Maness was "very, very sore" after his accident on Nov. 2, but luckily walked away unharmed.

Marshall County E-911 dispatchers received a call at 10:23 p.m. on Nov. 2 for a possible fentanyl overdose at a residence not far from the Fairdealing-Olive Fire Department. The video captured by his cruiser shows Maness turning onto Old Olive Road; while navigating a curve, the cruiser drops off the right shoulder into a ditch and looks as if it might flip, then slings back across the road, narrowly missing a large tree, and lands in the pond. In the midst of the accident, the camera dislodged from the windshield and dropped to face the console where papers and other objects are visibly floating while the car quickly fills with water.

McGuire said Maness was able to climb out of the vehicle immediately following the incident and made it to dry ground before reporting the accident to dispatchers. He was transported to Marshall County Hospital for treatment of minor injuries while medical personnel watched closely for hypothermia; the temperature outside was approximately 33 degrees Fahrenheit that evening.

"The car can be replaced, people can't. We're glad Blake is okay and the person who called for help still received help," McGuire said. "When we drive 20,000-25,000 miles a year to emergency calls, accidents happen every once in a while. It was a bad wreck, but it definitely could've been worse."

McGuire said it's standard protocol for law enforcement to arrive and secure the scene before the arrival of medical personnel for overdose calls. He said according to records from dispatch, the person who needed medical assistance was also transported to Marshall County Hospital.

MCSO, Fairdealing-Olive Fire Dept., Marshall County Ambulance and Benton Police Department responded to assist.