The application process to receive up to 90% reimbursement of the cost for hooking onto the new sewer for Draffenville’s homeowners is ongoing and funds are still available.

Chestnut Creek Watershed Coordinator Casey Madole said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant funds are still available for homeowners living in the Chestnut Creek watershed who are within 500 feet of the new sewer lines recently expanded by the Marshall County Sanitation Dept. She said the program allows for reimbursement from 20% up to 90% of the tap-on cost. Tap-on for homeowners living within that range of the new lines is mandatory per county ordinance.

The amount of reimbursement, Madole explained, is based on the family’s income and number of people living in the residence. The next step is acquiring three bids from licensed plumbers, accepting the lowest bid and then work begins. The homeowner is responsible for turning in all paid receipts, invoices, bids and the state plumbing permit before the reimbursement is distributed.

Madole is available to assist in the application process and provide all necessary documentation. She may be reached by emailing or calling 270-493-6196.