Local seniors need volunteers

Volunteers and volunteer groups are asked to join in assisting the senior citizens group with a "sprucing up" effort at their facility, located at 1713 Golf Course Road in Benton, on Sept. 7, which is also known as Great Commission Day.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Lois Cunningham at 270-527-0056, Jason Jones at 270-703-0751 or Greg Carlton at 270-703-1604. Community members meet weekly at the facility at 9 a.m. in an effort to revitalize and support the group; all assistance is appreciated.

Boaters on lakes cautioned

about large nets

The Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife warns boaters on Kentucky and Barkley lakes to avoid the bright yellow flags which mark the locations where commercial anglers have deployed nets. The nets are typically set three feet underneath the surface but boaters should not go between flags or use them for skiing buoys because of the risk of entanglement.

The commercial netting is part of the ongoing effort to control numbers of the invasion Asian carp in both lakes.