New principal named at Marshall County High School

Robin McCoy was introduced Thursday as the next principal for Marshall County High School. McCoy succeeds Patricia Greer, who served as three years as principal and will be the district’s director of pupil personnel.

Robin McCoy, a former director of community health and development for the Nelson County School District, was announced Thursday as the next principal at Marshall County High School.

McCoy succeeds Patricia Greer, who served as the principal since 2017. Greer will become the district director of pupil personnel.

McCoy was known by Marshall County administrators since the school shooting in 2018, when she was the comprehensive school counseling program coordinator for the Kentucky Department of Education.

Marshall County Superintendent Trent Lovett introduced McCoy during a reception Thursday.

“Right after we had our shooting in 2018, the next day or the day after, Robin and our commissioner of education and Ms. Amanda Ellis came down, and they were here with us for the rest of the time,” he said. “They were with us, helping us plan out our counseling program, they went to Walmart for us, they helped us pack bookbags — whatever we needed to do, they were here.”

McCoy joked that she had her eye on the job for 21/2 years.

“I love the community,” she said. “The community is what brought me here. ... To be offered this opportunity is a lifetime experience for me, and I’m so grateful.”

McCoy, a Muhlenberg County native, said that she believed her background in counseling and instruction is what drew the high school’s site-based decision-making council to select her for the position.

“Counseling is a piece of the culture and the culture we create,” she said. “It’s about the three words that I identified in my interview: community, pride and empowerment.

“... Ultimately, our job is to help (students) find their purpose and passion in life and put them on that journey that’s most supported through the community but also most successful as they are reaching that goal.”

McCoy’s family attended the reception, including her husband, B.J.; daughter Scout, who begins first grade in August; and son Jay, who begins preschool.

Greer has been employed by the school district since 2003, having served as a math teacher and assistant principal.