A representative of a recently opened health agency in Benton approached the Marshall County Fiscal Court during last week’s meeting.

Audrey Collins, the Western Kentucky director of Brightview Health, provided the court with some insight on the new facility, which opened in Benton on December 27.

The organization, Collins said, provides “comprehensive outpatient services” to “anyone that’s suffering from substance use disorder, all chemical dependencies, including alcohol.”

They utilize a “treatment on demand model” which means that anyone who needs access to care should receive it. Community members seeking aid can call their 24/7 line (833-510-4357) to set up an appointment, go online (brightviewhealth.com) or even walk into the new location at 205 Ash Street.

“We are committed to serving the community and collaborating with our referral partners, which is one of the reasons why we’re able to come and speak to you today is because we know in order for us to work we have to be willing to work with the community,” Collins said. “So we want the community to know what it is that we do, how we do it, and really have that open dialogue, so we can best serve your community.”

She reported that in the first 90 days since patients’ treatment, they see a 70% decrease in substance use, ER visits decreased by a third, a 50% decrease in unemployment, a 50% decrease in alcohol consumption, a 70% decrease in time spent in jail, a 60% decrease in overall arrests, and a 50% increase in engagement in their primary health provider.

They also reportedly spend three additional days with supportive friends and family.

County Attorney Jason Darnall welcomed Collins’ organization into the fold, having spoke with two other representatives before Christmas.

“We had a long chat and I’m really excited about them being here,” Darnall said. “I expect us to be referring folks there.”

The court also took action on a few agenda items, including:

  • Approved County Clerk Tim York’s budget, as well as his deputy hire’s budget.
  • Approved the Marshall County Sheriff’s annual order setting the maximum for deputies and assistants.
  • Selected LGS’ bid for debris removal bids.
  • Selected CFSB’s bid for line of credit.

Approved a resolution to open a line of credit for debris cleanup related to the tornado in December.