Carruthers art

“Arapaho Indian Woma” and “Apache Warrior,” acrylic paintings by Jacquelyn Carruthers, are on display at the Marshall County Children’s Art Center.

The Marshall County Arts Commission is currently hosting the Kentucky Arts Council’s (KAC) Native Reflections exhibit through March 27. Native Reflections is a visual art display by American Indians of Kentucky.

The KAC, the Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission and the Kentucky Heritage Council worked together soliciting art from American Indians. The pieces in the collection were then chosen by a panel of experts on Native American Heritage.

As required by law and custom, the Native Reflections exhibit labels indicate whether the artist is an enrolled member of a state or federally recognized tribe, or if the art was native inspired.

McCracken County artist Jacquelyn Carruthers has two oil and acrylic pieces on display in the exhibit. The pieces titled Arapaho Indian Woman and Apache Warrior were Choctaw and Cherokee inspired.

Carruthers’ mother’s family was part of the Choctaw Tribe and lived in the old Birmingham that flooded by the lake when the Kentucky Dam was built. “That’s why I have a keen interest in the archaeology and history of this area. My art work is cohesive with the Kentucky Arts Councils,” she said.

Carruthers has served on three art boards, one being the Kentucky Foundation for Women, which she recently received a grant from to create murals depicting the history of women and Native Americans in Paducah. Locally, she has served on the Art Guild of Paducah and the Yeiser Art Center boards.

“I represent the Jackson Purchase as an artist for the Native People. I have about twenty paintings of Native People from all over America,” Carruthers said.

The display is open at the Children’s Art Center, located at 1202 Elm St. in Benton, Thursdays and Fridays 3-6 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Face masks are required.