Sometimes it’s helpful to step back from situations, or view them from the outside in.

That’s what I’ve done concerning Marshall County Judge-Executive Kevin Neal.

Fortunately I don’t live in Marshall, but I worked in that county for almost 30 years and have many friends there. Since Neal and his cohorts have an affinity for flags, someone needs to stand up and throw out the BS flag on this nonsense and injustice.

In our country, politics preys on the most defenseless. That’s exactly what’s happening in Marshall County. First it was the senior citizens center. When our leaders need funding, they look first at the elderly. But these people have nothing more to give. They need the center for food, shelter, love, protection, etc. The elderly in our country are too often treated with disrespect.

Then Neal went after the protection of children and teachers. He can do this and sleep at night because he was not in the high school commons area in 2018. He did not see what those teachers and students saw. He did not perform CPR or care for the dying and injured. He did not have to run for his life that day.

Neither did I, but I had tears running down my face that day, watching those helicopters land, picking up people I knew. I’m retired now, but I had former students and friends in that building.

Under no circumstances should school resource officers be removed. It was asinine to believe or even recommend they should be.

Marshall County voters, I implore you to look over your ballots carefully this election season. Find out who the candidates are and what their agenda is.

It’s up to you to make your voices heard by standing up to defend the voiceless. Enough is enough.

Donna Martin-McGee