Trent Lovett

The Marshall County School Board is expanding its alumni program to accomplishments in the fields of art, science, civics and politics.

Past students of any Marshall school since 1870, the district’s founding year, can be nominated for the Distinguished Hall of Fame program. Digital and print submission forms are at

Superintendent Trent Lovett said when the Class of 1985 approached him about contributing to the community, he pitched an idea “that had been in the back of my mind for a while.”

“To me a big part of this is a Marshall student thinking, ‘Wow, if that person came here and did this, then I can do something too,’ ” Lovett said. The Class of 1985 will help constitute the selection committee.

Although Marshall has already recognized athletic alumni for over a decade, Lovett said this expansion would motivate students in other fields.

“I want (more of) our students to know and be reminded that they can have accomplishments,” he said.

Deadline for nominations was originally June 1, Lovett said, but COVID-19 has extended submissions to a tentative date. If closures lift, a dinner this fall will honor approved inductees.

Historically the athletics alumni program inducts about nine people annually, Lovett said.

Bobby Warren was one such alumni who played for the American Basketball Association from 1968-76 and passed away in 2014. Dan Langhi is another who played for the National Basketball Association from 2000-04; he has played professionally in overseas leagues.

The school board is accepting contributions for the program. Checks can be mailed to the Marshall County Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame, 86 High School Road, Benton, KY 42025.