Marshall district to advertise for superintendent post

Consultant Quin Sutton explains the process to Marshall County Board of Education members at a meeting Monday.

The Marshall County School District is moving closer to selecting a new superintendent. The school board established the timeline for when it will start taking applications. The board will post of the job opening on Tuesday, April 6, and collect applications through May 6.

School Board Chair Randy Travis said they're looking for someone who will be involved in the community.

"We want them to be very county minded — going to rotary clubs, speaking at events and stuff. We just want them to be part of our Marshall County family," Travis said.

The board also wants to bring in someone who will focus on improving the district's curriculum.

"When you look at our test scores, you always see our high school lower than it should be," Travis said. "We're not happy with the test scores there, so we're wanting someone to focus on precisely the high school."

A screening committee will be set up to look through candidates who apply. It will be made up of one board of education member, a principal in the district, two teachers, a staff member, and two parents. Quin Sutton is the district's consultant through the Kentucky School Board Association. Sutton said the screening committee is crucial for the search.

"The intent of this is that you have various aspects of the school district and the community involved in this process to give input to the board," Sutton said.

Sutton's anticipating a large amount of applications will come in.

"I think you're going to see some aspiring superintendents that are administrators in school districts now that have never been superintendents," Sutton said. "But I think you're also going to get a pool of candidates that are existing superintendents across the state of Kentucky and maybe even from other states."

Travis wants to see someone who's had some time serving as a superintendent.

"We're looking for some experience. With over 4,000 students, you're going to need some experience here," Travis said.

The board will have two joint meetings with the screening committee on May 11 and May 27. During those meetings, the screening committee will give their recommendation on which candidates the board should pursue. The district's goal is to have a new superintendent chosen before Trent Lovett retires on June 30.