Marshall County woman publishing novel


A local woman's novel should hit the stands just in time for curling up in front of the fireplace with a blanket and hot chocolate, offering both suspense and romance in time for the holiday season.

Kayla Cutsinger said her fiction novel, 'Not Guilty,' is about a woman who has spent her entire adult life on the run, hiding from her past--a past which initially remains a mystery to the reader and unfolds as the story evolves. She moves to a remote location in Colorado's Rocky Mountains where she can live in isolation, but then stumbles across a crime scene which unravels the new life she's built. The character ends up fighting for her innocence and when her past comes back to haunt her, she ends up fighting for her life as well. Intertwined in all of that is a love story.

The novel will be available soon on Amazon, Cutsinger said. She said the manuscript is ready to roll but the cover is receiving finishing touches from a graphic designer.

Cutsinger said publishing her novel is a dream come true, one which she's realizing after much support and encouragement from her family.

"I've always loved to read. I remember growing up, my mom and grandmother were always reading and it was a hobby I picked up early," she said. "I would always tell people I wanted to write a book and my mom and my husband encouraged me to just do it. So one day I got on my laptop and started writing and before I knew it, I had written my first book. They've read all my novels and pushed me to do something, to get them on a shelf."

'Not Guilty' is actually Cutsinger's fourth novel, she said, but the only one she's published so far. She said she hopes to pick back up on the other three and get them ready for consumption.

Cutsinger, a Marshall County native, lives on a farm in Palma with her husband, Bryan, where they raise cattle, horses and chickens. She is also a cosmetologist who operates out of her own salon, Farmhouse Hair, and home-schools their three children.