Marshall County Fiscal Court voted unanimously to be part of a group to represent needs for this part of Kentucky.

Judge- Executive Kevin Neal said when observing the funds coming from Frankfort and how it disseminates throughout Kentucky, it appears that central and northern counties receive more attention than their western neighbors.

“This (West Kentucky Coalition) is basically just to get communities to come together and stand up for ourselves, and work together, to get to issues that may be pertinent to us on the table for discussion,” Neal said.

He cited a recent example where the fiscal court adopted a management agreement utilized by a northern Kentucky county that had previously been approved. However, when Marshall County attempted to adopt it with the exact same language, it was challenged and denied by the Kentucky State Police.

“To me, it was clear that there is a distinct way how this state agency handles the northern Kentucky counties, and western Kentucky counties, specifically Marshall County,” he said. “And that’s got to change.”

He also said that the northern counties’ proximity to the state’s representatives and population densities plays a part, as well. He said all the coalition asks for is an even playing field and that a set standard be followed, regardless of population.

Neal, Henderson County Judge-Executive Brad Schneider, Crittenden County Judge-Executive Perry Newcom, and Hopkins County Judge-Executive Jack Whitfield are all listed as contacts on the coalition.

“I think it’s smart,” District One Commissioner Justin Lamb said. “I mean, like you say we’re often ignored down here, you get out of the golden triangle. Western Kentucky is ignored. We’re losing population, we’re going to lose a representative, I think, and when they do redistrict, I think we have got to be unified in this. If we’re going to have a voice at the table and get our share of the pie, we’re going to have to be unified.”

The fiscal court also unanimously voted in favor of several other items on the agenda, including a $400,000 internal transfer, with a transient tax of $51,890.13, from the general funds to 911,

Oak Level Cemetery Lane now ends for the county after 153 feet from Arant Road. The rest of the road to Wadesboro Road North is now part of the Oak Level Methodist Church property.

The court voted unanimously to table the county clerk taking a particular segment out of the administrative code and using that as part of the office’s policy. Court members wanted more time to examine the changes before making a decision. Neal was not in support of the county clerk’s request because of the policy’s construction, saying that it would cause problems for the court. He said he would oppose it again when it came back to fiscal court.

The court’s also voted unanimously to approve the Sheriff’s 2019 Property Tax Settlement, Road Department Surplus, and made Roy Wadkins the new official road superintendent as of Aug. 1.

A change order for Travis Construction concerning door hardware has been approved, contingent on engineer approval, with a cap of $3200.

A letter of intent was also approved for submission by the court concerning an economic development grant.

Dennis Smith requested a quick claim deed for portion of land near the lagoon, which was an undeveloped subdivision originally planned years ago. As the county has had no further interest in developing the area, and so Smith could utilize the land for his business, the court unanimously granted his request.