Local law enforcement monitoring roads to keep people safe during winter weather

Marshall County emergency vehicles make their way through the snow to be prepared to address residents' needs.

Law enforcement agencies throughout the Jackson Purchase area continue to respond to and handle emergencies related to winter weather. Marshall County Sheriff Eddie McGuire said Monday that units were still working on the interstates to respond to crashes and other emergencies.

"Medical emergencies don't stop," McGuire said. "You know, domestic violence doesn't stop. One of the the things that does worry me about this is domestic violence situations — stuck in the house with an abuser."

With emergencies on the road and other issues, the sheriff's department is dealing with a lot of calls.

"If you have a non-emergency, try to use a non-emergency line, because 911 lines, we only have a certain amount of those that we can use," McGuire said. "And you don't want to get those lines clogged up with folks when we can be using non-emergency lines."

Limit travel if you can, but if you must drive be prepared.

"If you have to travel, travel with plenty of blankets," McGuire said. "Put some water in the trunk. Maybe a few snacks."