KYTC making ready for another round of winter

District 1 Kentucky Transportation Cabinet personnel are expecting yet another round of winter precipitation on Wednesday and Thursday.

Highway crews got some help from the sunshine today with efforts to recover from the heavy snowfall on Monday. According to a KYTC release, any highways that had pavement showing were warmed by the radiant heat of the sun, which helped raise pavement temperatures enough to activate salt residue left on driving surfaces from the heavy application of salt during last week’s ice storm.

Light winds during the overnight hours also were not sufficient enough to cause the snow to drift, helping avoid what could have been an additional travel issue.

Some crews were able to do some plowing on B and C Snow Priority Routes. They plan to continue those activities Wednesday morning as the approaching snow system develops.

During the first round of heavy snow this week, highway crews focused primarily on “A” Snow Priority Routes, which include interstates, parkways, U.S. highways, and some other four-lane routes. Crews may revert to that strategy during the second round of snow expected Wednesday and Thursday, depending on snowfall accumulation amounts.

For a complete county-by-county snow and ice priority list please go to:

Highway crews will continue on a 13-hour shift rotation for the remainder of the week with shift changes at midnight and noon each day. In addition to the KYTC District 1 plow fleet, about 20 contract trucks are expected to be on the road.

KYTC engineers continue to remind everyone that extra caution is required during extreme cold temperatures.

Cold weather is also going to stay over the region into Friday. Some help is expected by the weekend with highs above freezing expected by Saturday.