Halloween is just around the corner, but with the pandemic still here there is little chance of a traditional trick-or-treat setting. However, that does not mean Kentuckians and their children cannot still enjoy the spooky holiday.

The state has released guidelines to help Kentuckians and their children have a safe and fun Halloween.

In addition to the standard rules for dealing with COVID-19, such as face masks, frequent hand sanitization, and social distancing, the state’s guidelines recommend a variety of Halloween specific activities to stay safe. These include:

• Placing individually wrapped candy outside on the porch, driveway, or table.

• Wearing a proper face covering; Halloween masks do not count.

• Cleaning hands before and after touching candy.

• Trick-or-treating in family groups and avoiding congregations.

• Staying within own neighborhood.

Residents are also encouraged to try alternatives, such as scavenger hunts and virtual Halloween costume contests; and to avoid the traditional settings, like door-to-door trick-or-treating and haunted houses.

During Gov. Andy Beshear’s COVID-19 briefing on Thursday, Kentucky Public Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack stressed that Halloween 2020 needs to be primarily a kid’s holiday, and that anything beyond that could be detrimental.

“Let’s all come together and make sure the kids can have a good safe experience and have fun,” Stacks said during the briefing. “This is not the year to have all the adult Halloween parties, alright? Adult Halloween gatherings are not the same things as the kids’, and I think you know what I mean. People get dressed up, they go to parties, they have loud music, they sing, they drink, and they do all those things — all the things that increase the risk of spreading disease.”