Jones-Balentine photo

Georgette Jones (left) and Spencer Balentine high five each other following their “Georgette Jones Apple Sin” award.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, even when it’s an apple cinnamon whiskey.

Georgette Jones, daughter of legendary country singer George Jones, teamed up with Hardin master distiller Spencer Balentine to create “Georgette Jones Apple Sin” apple cinnamon whiskey. Now Jones has followed in her father’s footsteps again by winning the 2021 International SIP Awards Gold Medal for her whiskey after her father did it in 2016.

It marks the first father-daughter gold medalists for their individual brands in International SIP Awards history, according to a release from Balentine.

The 750ml, 72 proof whiskey is offered online in 48 states through Barrel Station in Nashville. It is currently on sale at the producing distillery, Silent Brigade Distillery, located at 426 Broadway in Paducah.

Georgette Jones also is involved in the music business and a television series based on her book, “The Three of Us,” is reportedly to begin filming this year to be aired on CBS.