Jayne Moore Waldrop signs book

Jayne Moore Waldrop, who grew up in western Kentucky, has written a book titled “Drowned Town.” It’s a collection of linked short stories about the lives of people who lived “between the rivers.”

A Kentucky woman born in Appalachia and reared in Paducah has written a book of linked short stories set in the land between the rivers.

The stories in “Drowned Town” are fictional. Through those stories, she hopes reflect with honesty and dignity a region and its people that have played a central role in her own life. The book will debut in the fall of 2021 through the University Press of Kentucky.

Jayne Moore Waldrop graduated from Lone Oak High School in 1974 and subsequently studied as an English major at Murray State University. Her first jobs out of college were writing for the Benton Tribune-Courier and then the Paducah Sun.

She went on to earn a postgraduate degree in law and continues to work as an attorney in the Bluegrass region. In fact, she met her husband, Alex Waldrop, formerly of Mayfield, while both were attending law school.

Jayne Waldrop acknowledged, “Writing is an important part of a legal practice, too, but I always wanted to write fiction.

“I love to read novels and short stories, but I never could quite get the hang of it. So, I started at the Murray State University low residency Master of Fine Arts program in creative writing in 2012.”

She traveled there twice a year for 10-day stays. “I loved the program and started learning how to write fiction,” she remembered. She graduated from the program in 2014. One of the first stories in this collection, “Drowned Town,” was written that same year.

Waldrop believes writing fiction is “like standing in someone else’s shoes.”

“Sometimes, I compare it to method acting, where the actor tries to almost become that character. For me,