Flickinger to attend The Gatton Academy

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Flickinger To Attend The Gatton Academy

Hayden Flickinger

Congratulations to Hayden Flickinger for being selected to attend The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky. Hayden will complete her junior and senior years of high school living in Florence Schneider Hall on the West Kentucky University campus in Bowling Green.

At the end of her two-year course of study, Hayden will graduate from high school with a minimum of 60 college credit hours.

“The Commonwealth is full of outstanding students and we are thrilled to welcome 102 of them to the Gatton Class of 2022. This class, like those who have come before them, is from all across the state and made up of students with wide ranging interests in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields,” said Director of The Gatton Academy, Dr. Lynette Breedlove. “There are always more talented students searching for advanced learning opportunities than we can serve. We recognize that public schools in Kentucky are working hard to find innovative ways to support the needs of all their students.”

The goal of The Gatton Academy is to enable Kentucky’s exceptional young scientists and mathematicians to learn in an environment that offers advanced educational opportunities, preparing them for leadership roles in Kentucky. Moreover, The Gatton Academy assists in preparing Kentucky to compete in a knowledge-based economy by increasing the number of scientists and engineers who live and work in the state.