Marshall County Fiscal Court is holding a special-called meeting on Thursday at 9 a.m. after hazardous weather swept through the area last week.

Court members briefly convened via teleconference on Feb. 16 to schedule the meeting, as well as to approve paying the bills and a single action item.

Judge-Executive Kevin Neal said they would use the special meeting to “catch up” on action items.

Additionally, the court approved the annual salaries of Neal, County Clerk Tim York, Sheriff Eddie McGuire and Jailer Roger Ford, all of whom received raises from the state for 2021.

County Attorney Jason Darnall said during the meeting that the salaries are set by the state yearly and that Marshall County Fiscal Court has no control over it.

Neal’s salary increased by $1,404.34 to $104,909.31; McGuire’s salary increased by $4,599.67 to $101,630.89; and Ford’s salary increased by $1,409.34 to $104,909.31. York’s salary increased by $8,609.34 to $108,509.31, of which $3,600 is allotted for possible travel expenses.