The local government received an update on debris cleaning efforts in the wake of the recent tornado disaster.

ER Assist Representative Laurel Matula was present at last week’s Marshall County Fiscal Court meeting to update officials on how cleanup has progressed and what to expect in the coming year.

In the days since the disaster, contractors and their trucks have worked to haul off tons of debris with the help of volunteers. Matula called it a “delicate balance” that will get better.

“It will get better, but as long as those volunteers get that debris to the curb and continue to the curb, those trucks will continue to haul it,” she told the court.

Matula hopes that come January, a schedule will be set for when and where the debris trucks will be.

Road Department head Roy Watkins said during the meeting that one of the contractor’s had hauled off 22,019 cubic yards of debris in the four days after the tornado. The road department itself had hauled 2,966 cubic yards in that time. However, they had not measured their initial 627 loads.

The court also approved a few agenda items, including:

  • Building inspection expanded jurisdiction.
  • Had the second reading for the new road resolution.
  • A budget amendment.
  • Approved to put out a request for proposal for $15 million dollars, with a date back no later than January 3, 2022 at 8:30 a.m.

The court also heard from Susan Marticek, a representative from the nonprofit Compass 82. Marticek’s organization helps disaster survivors move forward in a variety of ways. Affected community members are encouraged to go to their website ( or call the hotline at 270-527-8657.