David Fuqua

The Marshall County Fiscal Court discussed updating its contract with Marshall County Hospital during last Tuesday’s meeting.

Hospital CEO David Fuqua said he was “mostly sure” the last contract was signed in 1996, acknowledging the need for review.

“I think everybody would agree discussions in 1996 are a lot different than discussions in 2020,” Judge-Executive Kevin Neal said during the Zoom meeting. “We can look at it, see the numbers, and make sure both parties have a fair contract on the table.”

Neal said it could be an opportunity to review the contract’s stipulations for revenue, such as ambulance services, since, “Right now, we don’t see if there’s potential monies coming back to fiscal court.”

During the meeting Fuqua suggested the contract entail backwards funding from the fiscal court in the event of “a bad year,” such as a second wave of COVID-19.

Neal agreed, but said, “Right now (with how the contract is worded), we don’t know if there is a good year or a bad year. If it’s a bad year we’ll obviously commit; the court has demonstrated it’ll pay that.”

First district commissioner Justin Lamb said no further discussion was held after Tuesday’s meeting.

“But I anticipate the issue will be on the agenda for the next meeting later this month,” Lamb said.

The fiscal court is scheduled to meet next on May 19.