Fire truck

From left, Jasen and Secret Holt and Teresa and Brian Cope stand with the Possum Trot-Sharpe Fire Department’s newest truck. The truck is dedicated in memory of their children, Bailey and Preston, and features their photos.

The Possum Trot-Sharpe Fire Department dedicated a new truck to Bailey Holt and Preston Cope, both 15, who were killed in the 2018 Marshall County High School shooting.

The truck has both of their pictures and signatures designed onto both of its sides. Fire Chief Rick Pershing said his team had the idea after buying the truck from South Dakota.

“Being able to see a tribute on this truck that services this community, especially Sharpe Elementary where both Preston and Bailey went to school, it will be a healing for everybody,” Pershing said. “Those that have looked at it so far have agreed.”

The fire department invited Bailey’s parents, Secret and Jasen Holt, and Preston’s parents, Brian and Teresa Cope, to a private viewing of the truck.

“It means the world to us that three years later our children are still thought of and remembered,” Secret Holt said. “That means the world to us and we wanted to participate in that all we could.”

“This is our daily life now and just to know that they still remember Preston and Bailey means so much to us,” Teresa Cope said.

Blue, white, and orange balloons, Marshall County’s colors, were tied to the sides of the fire truck. The balloons were later released.

Claudia and Kim Booker drove up during the unveiling to show their support.

“It’s totally awesome to show this kind of community support,” Claudia Booker said.

“They were two very precious, precious kids,” Kim Booker added.

Donna Perry is a retired principal of Sharpe Elementary School. She said it is important to continue to remember Preston and Bailey.

“We’re praying for them and we’ll always be and always have these kids in our minds, and in our prayers,” Perry said.

“Every time on a call I told them that there will be two angels watching them every time they go out,” Brian Cope said. “[I] just appreciate them so much for doing this and honoring them.”

Pershing got emotional when he heard what Preston’s father said.

“Them watching over us, and us remembering them at the same time, that is a blessing.”