Elementary school classes team up for fundraising initiative


Benton Elementary School teacher Mandy Miller (right) works with first graders Noah Carter (middle) and Korbin Konrad to hone the skills they need for constructing letters in their class fundraising campaign to provide additional picnic tables near the playground in Benton's H.H. Lovett Park.

Two classes of Benton Elementary students are penning letters to send out into the community asking for help in improving Benton's H.H. Lovett Park.

Karsyn Perry and Preston Treas, first graders, said they enjoy walking with their classmates to the city park playground and wish they could do so more frequently. They recently learned the reason they don't get to go as often is because there aren't enough picnic tables near the playground for everyone to sit and eat lunch--so their class decided to do something about it.

"We want other people to go there, including us, and have more room to sit down and eat," Treas said. "The park needs more tables and we want to help."

Perry said she and her classmates are writing letters which will feature hand-drawn illustrations. Then they will distribute the letters to businesses and organizations within the community.

"We're hoping to raise enough money for at least two or three benches," she said. "It's fun because we're helping people."

Rylie Reed, also a first grader, said she hopes they can raise enough money to purchase 10.

Mandy Miller, one of the four teachers overseeing the project, said when the approximately 85 kindergarten and first grade students visited the park, Benton Mayor Rita Dotson met them there. She said Dotson explained the city's budgetary demands and how certain projects, such as maintaining the city's roads, have to take priority over purchasing additional picnic tables.

Miller said the picnic tables which will match those already in place and are nice, durable tables cost approximately $750 apiece.

More information about the project may be obtained by contacting any of the four involved teachers: Alicia.Brophy@marshall.kyschools.us; Misty.Green@marshall.kyschools.us; Brittany.Ramage@marshall.kyschools.us; Mandy.Miller@marshall.kyschools.us.

Anyone interested in making a donation may send the funds to Benton City Hall, Attn: Beth Cooper, 1009 Main Street, Benton, KY 42025. Please make note the donation is a contribution to this project.