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COVID cases are on the rise in Marshall County once again

COVID cases are on the rise in Marshall County once again

The 7-day average is illustrated as reported by KDPH as of Jan. 4.

In addition to the rise in positive cases, the CDC recently revised its guidance pertaining to isolation and quarantine for those who test positive or are exposed to a positive person. Please see the attached documents from KDPH which provide further clarification on these processes in Kentucky. Please note that the attached KDPH documents do not apply to (1) high risk or congregate settings to include healthcare and long-term-care facilities, (2) K-12 schools, or (3) childcare. Guidance for those settings is available at

Due to the dramatic increase in positive cases, it is once again unrealistic for local health department staff to be able to contact every positive person within the first couple of days of notice of the positive test. If you receive a positive test, we ask that you follow the attached guidance. Health department staff will contact you as soon as possible.

At-home tests are not reportable to the health department. However, we ask that if you test positive with an at-home test, follow the attached guidance. If you or your employer, if employed, require something more accurate than an at-home test, seek testing at a local testing facility.

If you are the employer of an employee who provides you with proof of a positive test, please allow them to follow the attached guidance to prevent further spread. Once again, due to the sheer volume of cases, it is not feasible for local health departments to provide letters for every positive case.

The Marshall County Health Department carries Moderna and Jansen. If you would like a vaccine, call 270-527-1496 to schedule an appointment.