Marshall County Fiscal Court pulled monies to make up for a deficit in one of their budget line items.

The court unanimously voted to move a total of $45,000 into the account used for maintaining the county’s facilities. Judge-executive Kevin Neal stated that much of the county’s aging infrastructure has become a financial drain on the local government.

“We really do have some old infrastructure that has to be dealt with, because it’s nickel and diming our purse,” he said.

“Unforeseen expenses” had depleted the account only four months into the current fiscal year, however it was not immediately stated what expenses he was referring to.

To cover current bills, as well as pending bills, the county’s treasurer, Erica West, clarified they would pull $10,000 out of bond funds, $20,000 out of “fire money,” and then $15,000 out of the fuel line item on the budget. She noted that a grant would soon fully replace the money taken from the fuel line.

Neal said the monies would only be a temporary cover for the next few weeks, but it would buy the court some time to consider how to fund the remaining eight months in the fiscal year.

“The good thing is that as we move through this fiscal year, obviously we’ll have a better understanding the closer we get to the end of the year what our receipts are going to be,” he said.

The court also took action an a few agenda items, including:

  • Approved the surplus of a Freightliner bucket truck.
  • Approved a carport for the new veterans vehicle.
  • Moved an Animal Control employee from part-time to full-time to help make up for the loss of inmate workers.
  • Approved an agreement for a $200,000 grant that would help customers with their utilities.
  • Approved to negotiate for $12 per square foot regarding probation and parole lease renewal.
  • Approved to pay the PVA administration $100,700 to cover the county’s property assessments for 2021-22.
  • Approved to keep a 9.2% tax rate.

The court also heard reports from Bryan Curtsinger on the annual ambulance remounts, as well as Chad McCann reporting on the progress of the Draffenville Sewer Project.