The screening of applicants for the next superintendent of the Marshall County School system is officially underway. The elected screening committee met May 11 and was given the charge by Board Chairman Randy Travis to start selecting recommendations to present to the full school board on May 27.

The board has contracted with the Kentucky School Board Association for the use of its superintendent search service at a cost of $6000. By state statute a screening committee must be established. Quin Sutton is KSBA’s representative assisting the screening committee during the process.

Committee members were elected to their positions, with the exception of Travis, who appointed himself as the school board representative. Other members include:

• Jackie Reid, principal of Sharpe Elementary School, elected by the principals

• Luke Inglish, teacher at South Marshall Middle School, and Dan Langhi, teacher at the high school, both elected by certified staff members

• Carissa Culp, secretary at Sharpe, elected by classified personnel

• Darcie Egner, parent representative, elected by the PTO principals

There were a total of 20 applications completed and submitted. Statistical breakdown is as follows:

• 18 males

• Two females

• 14 from out of state

• Seven in state

• Seven are currently, or were, superintendents

• Four work in central offices

• Five are principals

• One works for an educational organization

• One currently retired.

“I think the search committee, as well as the board, when they see the applicants, will be very pleased with the quality they are seeing,” said Sutton.

The board has asked the committee to provide five recommendations meeting the requested criteria. If an out of state resident is offered the position, it is the candidate’s responsibility to become certified in Kentucky, not the boards.

Before going into closed session, Sutton informed the committee of its rules and responsibilities, and the screening process.

“Prior to appointing a superintendent, the board must consider the recommendations of the screening committee, but is not bound by them. So the screening committee is a vital tool for the board, it’s the right arm of the board, it does a lot of background information, background checks and makes recommendations to the board,” Sutton said. “However, at the end of the day and when the process is complete it is totally the board’s decision. It is to be assumed that the screening committee was responsible and it has worked well, therefore the committee’s recommendation should receive serious consideration.”

The screening committee will meet two more times in closed session, May 18 and May 25, before giving a formal presentation of their recommendations to the board.

Prior to the screening committee meeting, the board approved a proposal from Toadvine Enterprise of $26,544 for an additional set of end zone bleachers for the high school gymnasium. Jeff Stokes, facilities and transportation director says this addition will give the visiting team a place to stand across from the O’ Zone student section for MCHS.